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Quick 4

Professional Pizza Oven

The oven that was born ready! Quick 4 does not require masonry and is ready to be lit up the day it is installed. A reliable, practical and versatile cooking tool that lends itself well to both mobile and built-in installations.
Insulated, with 3 layers of ceramic fibre, Quick 4 Pizze keeps all the heat inside the oven leaving the external surfaces cold, so as to guarantee high energy efficiency and a safer and more pleasant working environment.

  • 50 Pizza's per hour
  • 50 minutes to reach 500°C
  • Available as gas or wood fired, or a hybrid of both
  • Consistently impeccable cooking, even during work peaks
Oven Dimensions LxWxHOven Dimensions with Base LxWxHOven WeightOven Weight with BaseWood ConsumptionLPG ConsumptionMethane ConsumptionCooking floor (gas)Cooking floor (wood):
119x123x80cm119x123x170cm252 kg334 kg7 kg/h 2.89 kg/h3.80 m3/h90x90cm100x90cm