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Zeno 6

Professional Neapolitan Electric Pizza Oven

The largest and most powerful professional electric pizza oven. Zeno 6 Pizze is the professional electric oven designed to meet the needs of pizzerias with high work rates, that require a reliable tool with reduced consumption.Thanks to the optimization of the heat inside the cooking chamber, this professional electric pizza oven is capable of quickly reaching the working temperature and keeps it constant, while consistently guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.

  • 80 pizzas per hour
  • 75 minutes to reach 500°C
  • 5 inch full colour touch screen
  • Digital temperature control
Dimensions with base LxWxH:Oven weight with base:Cooking floor sizeMaximum powerPower supply
104×153.5×175cm480 kg75 x 112 cm18 kw three-phase current 400 volts